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Take a gander at this pair of Telluride bolt color frame glasses, and you will find a gently angled square frame with comfortable roomy fit. The Brandon frame is made with premium acetate, they are durable and wear-resisting. The classic square Brandon frame glasses are simple and popular, suitable for all face shapes. There are many colors for you to choose from.

Shape: Square
Size: Wide 53.08-43.3-141
Materials: acetate
Weight: 41.7 g
RX Range: -20.00~+12.00 
PD Range: 54~78 
Progressive: YES 
Spring Hinge: NO

Telluride RX Frames only

  • Email the following info  To 

    Please copy and paste form to make it easier for production

    • Type of Prescription
      • Single Vision
      • Progressive
      • Readers- Strength
    • Lense Type
      • Standard Lenses $10.00   Blue Light Blocking $25.00

        Photo chromatic Lenses $40.00 Color Tint $45   Driving Lenses $40.00
    • Lens index
      • The higher index you choose, the thinner the lenses will be

        1.57 Mid- Index $10.00  1.61 High-Index – RECOMMENDED $25.00

         1.67 High Index $55.00   1.74  High Index $150.00

    • Coating

      Standard Coatings- Reduces light reflections $10.00

      Advanced Coating (Recommended) Water-resistant, easy to clean reduces light reflections $15.00

      Ultimate Coatings $20.00

      No Coating –FREE

      To start production all items must be


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